VISION – Rethinking Mobility

With regard to future mobility, almost all experts are aware of one fact: in the future we will face more and more challenges due to the growing population and limited space, especially in the  inner city areas. Future mobility needs to be modular, flexible and scalable. We need to focus on both interurban transportation and the individual last mile. People want on-demand mobility, wherever and whenever they want. 

The very origin of pure mobility lies in the wheel: Polestar Plus°1 is a concept for a modular mobility system based on the combination of various mono-wheels. The single mono-wheels are implemented in an intelligent and modular system covering all kinds of mobility. From Inter-urban, inner-city all the way to last-mile mobility can be provided by one product following a scalable and flexible system. Each mono-wheel consists of full electric hub engines, an omni-directional Liddiard wheel system with a 3d-printed structural tire, surrounded by an ultra lightweight carbon frame structure.