DIGITALISM – Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality tools during the entire design process, we can communicate ideas in our multifaceted, international team in the most convenient and immerse way involving all senses as well as the surrounding. Digital connected in real time from all over the world, the tools enable direct interaction with a three-dimensional Geometry. 

Virtual Reality helps us to evaluate proportions, surfaces and lines of a 3D Model very quickly and well. It lets us sketch directly in 3D spaces, gives a good impression about form, size and material of objects. In full scale and real life size environments. VR can accelerate the design process, can help to reduce prototyping costs and has the potential to create impressions on how products appear and how the products can be used in their planned environment. We are convinced, that Virtual reality will be an increasingly relevant component of people’s creative processes.


In order to be considered complete professionally, an automotive designer must be able to work in both analogue and digital development. Today virtual reality has become one of the most important components of the creative workflow and because of it, we are able to impressively reduce working time and development’s costs.

Michele Leonello
Head of Global Design
DO:IT Solutions GmbH

A product or a space conceived with a human being and its need as the center of it all, can improve people’s lives: VR brings designers inside their projects, giving them the chance to empathise with customers and activate positive changes.

Sara Banfi
Senior Design Consultant
DO:IT Solutions GmbH

Virtual Reality makes our designs more accessible and understandable than any other tool in the design process. It offers us a great new opportunity to communicate ideas throughout the team as well as directly to customers.

Thomas Pfaffenbauer
Creative Designer
DO:IT Solutions GmbH