VISION – Rethinking Journeys

Looking into the future, we are convinced that individual travel in pure nature will be a coveted luxury. Population and cities are growing, people simply need more and more space. Polestar Explore°40 combines the mass travel capacity of cruise ships with the aspect of  individual camping directly in nature. In combination with intelligent, connected technology, of course. 

In 2040 a fleet of full electric zeppelin cruiser shuttles are going to transport 40 campers to dedicated venues. After landing, the autonomous campers will start to approach a campsite located in a specific area selected by the participants online or via the app. The Campers will be equipped with an environment mirroring system when parked, they visually integrate into nature. All surfaces are fully rasterized similar to a graze fabric maintaining light coming through to the inside of the futuristic tents. Timing, locations and routes of the campers will be booked beforehand.