APPAREL – Performance oriented

Building a sportswear brand from scratch is a privilege.

In the beginning there is a vision. Throughout profound research and development the vision transforms into a serious concept statement. Human centered, performance oriented and a maximum of innovation. A clear briefing creates a clear task: Design the ultimate athlete’s sportswear. But where to start?

Considering every aspect of technology, a simple yet high-end technical construction of the garment is the key. Keep it simple. Keep it smart. Cross-disciplinary teams execute a series of concept ideations and creative sprints. Focused on the Briefing and the research, marketing is creating a holistic brand road-map. Material, Colour, Patterns, Seams, Details. Throughout the whole creative process appears an immersive duel in between formal ideation, Colour-Material-Trim and R&D focusing on textile technology innovation. 

Style and function have to go hand in hand. Full focus on performance, quality and innovation. Form follows strategy. Especially in the segment of wearables starting from the base layer, it is a must to keep the human body in the center of attention. And remember: athletes won’t tell you what kind of wearable they need. They will tell you exactly what they don’t need.