LIGHTSTREAM – High Voltage

The fastest electric motorboat in Europe. 

With a maximum speed of 70 km/h you will be delighted by the unique quality and the innovative technologies of the Steiner Lightstream 6.2 High Voltage. Following the concept of Functional Emotions the boat resembles its fascinating character throughout the combination of outstanding engineering and distinctive design.

Design with a focus on shapes inspired by flow, power and harmony. The asymmetric shape of the boat offers a unique impression with a flowing interior which tends to grow out of the body combined with the dynamic formal language in the exterior. Besides the seating area in the bow there is a big bed in the rear area of the boat. Nevertheless the interior offers a passage for easy access all the way through from the stern to the bow.

Lightstream 6.2 stands for state of the art technology providing full performance. Fresh air is lead into the gliding surface throughout a double-arched base of the hull. This reduces frictional resistance between the hull and the water. The weight of the boat is kept to a minimum using the high rigidity produced by a vacuum pressed and tempered method of epoxide compounding construction. An extremely efficient performance is maintained by a high-powered PSM engine in combination with a Mercruiser z-drive train. High-power Lithium-Iron cells with battery management deliver the energy at a very safe behaviour.