PHANTOR – Energy Revolution

Walter Kreisel tackles the global challenge of water shortage #neoom

The demand for new possibilities in drinking water abstraction is enormous. The mobile PHANTOR, an almost 40 feet long atmospheric water generator, produces up to 10.000 liters of drinking water a day. DO:IT is proud to be part of this pioneering project of sustainable water production. What a pleasure to co-collaborate closely with Manfred Ledermüller, the technological mastermind of the PHANTOR and Walter Kreisel, CEO of the Neoom Group who try hard to make their visions become reality.

This product owns a sturdy steel frame allowing safe transport and a long lifetime. Clean housing elements combined with stainless steel housing modules help this giant to keep an elegant and unique appearance.

That’s why bolted steel frame elements enable the assembling process from the top while sustaining a clean overall look. PHANTOR’s robust frame is kept visible and protects the clean housing covers. Integrated solenoids guarantee easy and secure maintenance access via smart devices.

PHANTOR is designed to fit tightly into a 40 feet high cube container, which allows cost-effectively oversea tranportation. Remember the look of the PHANTOR because there will be coming more!

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