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Especially the last few months under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown us how important easy and fast access to professional protective equipment is for emergency services, doctores, nursing staff, special forces and also the population. Based on that, DO:IT and GGA Advisory initiated a product development following a vision to create a mask that is better and more sustainable than any other product on the market. 

After 8 months of development, testing and refinement, the result is a highly efficient and sustainable FFP3 respiratory protection mask that meets the highest standards in quality and design. AirCare+ is a reusable silicone respirator mask, which is manufactured from medically certified silicon. Due to its unique, ergonomic design, the air cannot be inhaled and exhaled unfiltered, as it is always cleaned by the high-performance FFP3 certified filter. The large filter opening minimizes the breathing resistance while the mask fits perfectly and is completely airtight, so that contaminated air cannot be inhaled. Furthermore people wearing glasses will be happy about the fact that glasses are no longer fogging up. The shape of the filter fleece results in an almost 90% reduction of the required material compared to other breathing masks.

High quality medical silicone as the material of choice can withstand the mechanical stress during permanent motion without any problems. All silicone and plastic parts used in the AirCare+ mask are reusable and consist either of medical grade silicone or thermoplastic material. This group is skin-friendly, reusable and can be sterilized by hot steam according to hospital standards or with any certified disinfectant. The ergonomic shape of the mask has no hard, sharp or uncomfortable areas that could leave sore spots on the skin. Medical silicone is a material that does not cause allergies and is certified skin-friendly and free of harmful substances. 

The sustainable production in Germany and Austria not only ensures a secure supply chain, but also the best quality and conscientious handling of raw materials. 

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