EVUPRE – Rowing Couture

High-performance rowing apparel for style seeking perfectionists.

We are deeply rooted in water sports, so we dare to say that developing the rowing apparel brand EVUPRE is in our DNA. To be capable of developing the brand strategy of EVUPRE as well as going into functional detail regarding the clothing production line there are two key factors to this project: Know your trade and be open to learn!

EVUPRE shows strong connection to the rowing sports, starting with the name resembling a neologism deducted from the old french starting commands of a 2k rowing race. The brand spectrum encompasses the vast heritage of rowing over centuries, influential rowing nations and athletes as well as cross-sport influence (cycling, CrossFit, cross country skiing, water sports).

Highest range of motion, lightest and most robust materials, selective customers and harsh weather conditions illustrate some of the constraints which makes this demanding project having us so much fun. Is rowing fast easy? – No, but it’s worth it and we will keep it sharp-dressed & functional.